Comprehensive corporate law notes which combine information from lectures, tutorials, readings and past exams to create well-structured exam notes.

📚 Using these notes I achieved an overall H1 86 mark, with 89% on the exam.

📚 For key topics, such as all directors' duties, dividends and class variations, the notes are set up as easy-to-follow, step by step guides to answering questions.

📚 Includes notes on reporting, disclosures and audit, which were non-examinable readings in the shortened Sem 1, 2020. I did this reading out of personal interest, and this has ensured the notes still FULLY COVER the course for later semesters.

📚 Has a self-contained section containing case summaries for easy reference in the exam. All cases are mentioned in the main body of notes, and in greater detail in the case summary section.

Good luck with Corporate Law, and I hope these notes help you out!


Semester 1, 2020

65 pages

22,000 words



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