Completed in Semester 2 of 2019, with an H1 (93) mark.

This document is my final exam cheat sheet. It contains summaries of all weeks, along with the details of all examinable cases in my semester.

The content section is clearly followable in weekly order and covers all key points. The cases are in alphabetical order to help with finding them during the exam - for my printed copy I then highlighted each case in a different colour based on which week, to help me find the cases based on the topic.

All topics covered: 1. Organisation of Law, 2. Case law, 3. Contract formation, 4&5. Contract terms, 6. Remedies for breach, 7. Vitiating factors, 9. Consumer law, 10. Tort law, 11. Agency (8 and 12 were review weeks).

I also have my full semester notes + cheat sheet for sale as a bundle.


Semester 2, 2019

2 pages

4,500 words


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