These notes comprehensively and concisely cover content from all lectures in the 12 week course. Time has been taken to focus on particularly difficult topics. Notes are brightly colour coded to help with clarity and memory. At the end of the notes, 5 summary tables have been included that clearly summarise features and ailments associated with joints, bones, muscles, nerves, and vessels -- a very handy study tool for MST2 Additionally, I have included 3 section B style (fill in the blanks) practice exam questions that I have made, with answers provided. (the topics include embryology, integumentary system, and human form and function) I used these notes in semester 1 of 2020 to achieve a 94% in the Principles of Human Structure and Function subject. Topics covered include: - embryology - human form and function - nervous system - skeletal system principles - articular system principles - muscular system principles - integumental system principles - vascular system principles - visceral system principles - upper limb bones, joints, muscles, movements, nerves and vessels - vertebral column and back - lower limb bones, joints, muscles, movements, nerves and vessels - upper respiratory tract - thoracic walls and diaphragm - lower respiratory tract - cardiovascular system - gastrointestinal tract - female reproductive system - male reproductive system - urinary system


Semester 1, 2020

53 pages

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