Grade: 75 (D) Also known as: PSY236 (Biopsychology and Learning) under old curriculum Highly organised, detailed and simplified notes from Session 1 2019 of both lecture topics (set & pre-recorded) AND tutorials. For a subject that is VERY content heavy and as a result, highly challenging, these "mass summary notes" are super super helpful. *These notes exclude majority of the pictures/diagrams presented in the lectures, as they are the intellectual of MQU. However, you should easily be able to find them in the lectures, as all the topics & descriptions of such pictures still remain in the notes :)) Lecture topics covered: - Non-associative learning - Classical conditioning - Operant conditioning - Extinction in operant & classical conditioning - Aversive conditioning; punishment, escape & avoidant learning - Behavioural neuroscience: genetics, animal models in research - The nervous system, brain cells - Neurophysiological, neurochemistry, communication by receptors - Neurotransmitters, neurotransmitter dysfunction - Substance abuse, addiction - Neurobiology of learning & memory Tutorial topics covered: - Learning motor skills (Tut 1) - Classical conditioning (Tut 2) - Operant conditioning (Tut 3) - Neuroanatomy (Tut 4) - IMPORTANT TUT! Lots of information - Animal research (Tut 5)


Semester 2, 2019

60 pages

17,005 words



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