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Highly organised, detailed and simplified notes from Session 1, 2018.
These notes include all lectures, tutorials and RESEARCH DESIGN NOTES to help with the 2 x Lecture Quizzes & the Final exam (Multiple Choice)!!

Topics covered for Lectures / Tutorials:
-Modern Psychology (Week 1)
-Motivation (Week 2)
-Appetite (Week 3)
-Learning (Week 4, 5)
-Personality (Week 6, 7)
-Social Motivation (Week 8)
-Psychopathology / Psychological Problems (Week 9, 10)
-Biological Bases (Week 11, 12)

Topics covered within Research Design notes:
-Introduction and overview
-Philosophical basis
-Research Question and Literature Review
-Measurement and sampling
-Data analysis
-Compounding variables and validity
-Ethics in Research
-Rigorous research and controversy


Semester 1, 2018

60 pages

16,190 words



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