Grade: HD (85)

Highly organised, detailed and simplified notes from Session 1 2019. For a subject that is very content heavy and as a result, highly challenging, these "mass summary notes" are a game-changer. They cover all the relevant content/detail, but are simplified in a way that makes studying for this subject a lot easier. They are super helpful for both the mid-sem & the final exam.

Topics covered:
-Introduction & Research Methods (Week 1)
-Working Memory (Week 2)
-Attention (Week 3)
-Visual Attention & Face/Object Recognition (Week 4)
-Episodic Memory (Week 5)
-Semantic Memory (Week 6)
(no content Week 7 due to mid-session exam)
-Concepts & Categories (Week 8)
-Word Recognition & Reading (Week 9)
-Thinking & Reasoning (Week 10)
-Language Production (Week 11)
-Cognitive Neuropsychology (Week 12)


Semester 1, 2019

51 pages

15,050 words



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