Extremely detailed and well-structured course notes for MKTG2112 to promote an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour applied to marketing.

Having studied various psychology courses earlier in my degree, I have an added understanding of the psychological concepts and principles that this course touches on and applies to marketing contexts.

Content from the course textbook is synthesised with lecture and tutorial content, making these highly useful for optimal exam preparation and performance. Read the whole textbook and applied my knowledge from other psychology courses to make studying easier for you.

Covers the following topics from the entire course:
1. Decision Processes – Problem Recognition, Habitual Decisions, Purchase Involvement
2. Decision Processes – Desire to Resolve, Rituals
3. Information Searches and Evaluation and Selection – Sources, Evaluation Criteria, Strategies, Surrogate Indicators, Decision Rules
4. Retail Promotional Strategies, Post-Purchase Dissonance, Consumer Perception and Attention (Weber’s Law)
5. Learning – ATR Model, Conditioning, Cognitive Learning Characteristics, Memory
6. Motivation, Personality and Emotion – Psychological Drivers, Purchase Motives
6. Attitude – ABC Model, Attitude-Change Strategies


Semester 1, 2019

46 pages

9,423 words



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