Extremely detailed and well-structured course notes for CLAW1001 for an in-depth understanding of business law principles. Includes an exam companion sheet for easy and quick reference during exams with case precedents clearly highlighted for key principles.

Relevant legislation and case precedents for all core principles are clearly indicated throughout the notes in a distinct colour for ease of reference. This is highly useful for assignment research and exam preparation and performance.

These notes are highly suitable for the open book final exam.

Course notes have been compiled from the textbook (Terry and Giugni, Business and the Law), lecturer’s content and comments, tutorials and individual case research.

Covers the following topics in depth:
1. The Australian Legal System
2. Parliament and Legislation
3. Statutory interpretation and Common Law Principles
4. Contracts I – Offer, Acceptance and Agreement
5. Contracts II – Intention, Consideration, Estoppel, Capacity, Legality, Misrepresentation, Mistake, Duress, Undue Influence
6. Contracts III – Express and Implied Terms, Exclusion Clauses, Privity, Novation, Termination, Frustration, Common Law and Equitable Remedies
6. Contracts IV – Specific Issues, Electronic Communication, Estoppel, Good Faith Caluses
7. Torts I – Negligence (Duty of Care, Precedents, Salient Features, Standard of Care) and Other Specific Torts
8. Torts II – Causation, Remoteness of Liability, Vicarious Liability
9. Australian Consumer Law – Consumer Guarantees, Strict Liability for Safety Defects
10. Australian Consumer Law – Misleading or Deceptive Conduct, Tort of Passing Off, Unconscionable Conduct, Unfair Contract Terms
11. Competition and Consumer Act – Anti-competitive Agreements, Cartel Conduct, Price Fixing, Misuse of Market Power, Exclusive Dealing, RPM


Semester 1, 2019

121 pages

29,790 words



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