Comprehensive MLL111 notes created during T3 of 2017. These notes include all the topics covered during the unit and show the case which delivered the rules. It does not include the case summaries. The topics covered include: - Introduction to ethics - Admission to practice - Unsatisfactory/Professional Misconduct - Duty to the client - Duty to the Administration of justice - Duty to the Profession - Other Responsibilities - Complaints and discipline These notes were a vital part of completing this unit. However, please do not fool yourself into thinking that a good set of notes will have you do well in the unit. The nature of this course is such that you need quality notes AND a deep understanding of them. A key component is to practice applying the material. If you do this, these notes will be invaluable to you. If you do not, no notes will ever be adequate. Good luck!


Trimester 3, 2019

54 pages

18,348 words



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