These are the notes I used for my examination. I completed the unit with 95% (HD). These notes cover all weeks from 1-11. Topics covered: - Privity of a contract - Terms of a contract ( Implied terms) - Construction of terms (Parole evidence rule, 4 aids to construction ) - Classification of terms ( condition precedents, condition subsequent, warranties, intermediate terms) - Exclusion clauses - Misleading or Deceptive conduct (s 18, statements about the future) - Common Law Misrepresentation - Mistake (all 3 types - common mistake, unilateral mistake, mutual mistake) - Duress (common law duress+Statutory duress) - Undue Influence - Unconscionable conduct (in equity+statute) - Unfair terms - Illegality (common law+statutory) - Termination by performance - Termination by agreement - Termination for breach - Frustration - Remedies: Damages and liquidated claims - Equitable remedies I have attached sample notes in order to help you get a feel for the notes and their layout. These notes are well-organized with headings and sub-headings. I've also added summaries to important cases under the case name as you will see in the sample notes. In the sample notes, I've included 3 different topics in order to help you get a feel for each "type". I've included frustration, undue influence, and remedies. Please note that the sample notes by no means include the full notes of each topic. For instance, I've only included 2 out of 11 pages for the sample notes on remedies. These notes are extremely detailed and comprehensive, they even include precise case law on very specific scenarios that will very rarely come up if ever (better safe than sorry) I am sure you will find these notes will cover each and every topic from A-Z. Good luck with your exams!


Trimester 2, 2019

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