These are the notes I compiled for my study for the final exam and the quizzes. With these notes, I achieved 100% for the final exam, and overall got a 7 for PHRM2050 (98%). These notes are suitable for everyone, especially for people who don't have the time to go through every lecture.

These notes cover all the topics taught in the whole semester. There are two main sections (taught by two different lecturers), but both sections are tested in the final exam. These are:

Section 1: Basic Pharmacokinetics
- Introduction to Basic Pharmacokinetics
- Volume of Distribution
- Clearance
- Elimination via Biotransformation

Section 2: Toxicology
- Introduction & Source of Poisons and Toxins
- Mechanisms of Toxicity
- Pathophysiology & Treatment of Poisoning


Semester 2, 2019

38 pages

9,281 words



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