These are well-condensed but detailed notes on each topic to help prepare for final exams and complement your study for Integrated Marketing Communications at University of Technology Sydney. The following notes contain diagrams and information to help clearly understand Integrated Marketing Communications and includes notes from all lectures, tutorials and THE TEXTBOOK. Specifically, the following topics are covered for lectures: 1) Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications 2) IMC in the Marketing Process; Ad Agencies and Other Marketing Communication Organisations 3) Perpsectives on Consumer Behaviour 4) Communication Process 5) Objectives and Budgeting 6) Creative Strategy 7) Media Planning and Strategy 8) Advertising (Broadcast, Print and Media) 9) Direct Marketing, the Internet and Sales Promotion 10) Public Relations, Publicity and Personal Selling 11) Campaign Effectiveness and Issues in Advertising 12) Revision Lecture - Not Included Good luck and thank you for using those notes. Note: The sample notes contain 10% of the complete notes.


Semester 2, 2019

54 pages

14,221 words



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