These are well-condensed but detailed notes on each topic to help prepare for final exams and complement your study for Business Statistics at University of Technology Sydney. The following notes contain diagrams and information to help clearly understand Business Statistics 26134 and includes notes from all lectures and tutorials. Specifically, the following topics are covered: 1) Descriptive Statistics 2) Introduction to Probability and Contingency Analysis 3) Discrete Probability Distributions 4) Continuous Probability Distributions 5) Sampling and Sampling Distributions 6) Confidence Interval Estimation 7) Hypothesis Testing I 8) Hypothesis Testing II 9) Regression Part 1 10) Regression Part 2 Goodluck and thank you for using those notes. Note: The sample notes contain 10% of the complete notes.


Autumn session, 2018

24 pages

5,454 words



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