These Distinction notes provide a detailed overview of the entire terms course content. By reading and studying these notes, which were compiled with reference to weekly prescribed textbook readings, lecture slides and tutorial content, you will be able to deepen your understanding of the TABL2751 course concepts and hopefully improve your final results.

Additionally, as the final exam is open book, this set of notes provides a great foundation for exam revision as it references all of the main legislative provisions and all key cases covered in the course which are frequently examined.

Content included:

(W1) Introduction to Tax
(W2) NO CLASS (Public Holiday)
(W3) Income
(W4) Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
(W5) General Deductions and Trading Stock
(W6) Specific Deductions and Capital Allowances/Works
(W7) Partnerships and Trusts
(W8) Company Tax
(W9) Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) and Superannuation
(W10) Goods and Services Tax (GST)


Term 2, 2019

17 pages

4,402 words



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