These Distinction notes provide a detailed overview of the entire terms course content. By reading and studying these notes, which were compiled with reference to weekly prescribed textbook readings, lecture slides and tutorial content, you will be able to deepen your understanding of the INFS1602 course concepts and hopefully improve your final results.

Content included:

Chapter 1: The Importance of MIS
Chapter 2: Business Processes, IS and Information
Chapter 3: Organisational Strategy, IS and Competitive Advantage
Chapter 4: Hardware and Software
Chapter 5: Database Processing
Osterwalder Business Canvas
Chapter 6: The Cloud
Chapter 3 Extension: Mobile Systems
Chapter 7: Organisations and Information Systems
Chapter 9 Extension: ERP Systems
Chapter 10 Extension: Supply Chain Management
Chapter 8: Social Media Information Systems
Chapter 9: Business Intelligence Systems
Chapter 11: Information Systems Management
Chapter 12: Information Systems Development
Chapter 10: Information Systems Security


Term 1, 2019

48 pages

14,372 words



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