These HD notes summarise the entire MGMT1001 semester course content in a very concise manner. These notes are ideal for studying for the final exam as they contain all of the relevant MGMT theories and frameworks from the textbook and lecture/tutorial slides in addition to a number of key definitions and examples which are highly likely to be assessed in the final exam.

Where relevant, these notes also include diagrams, tables, mnemonics and other visual representations to aid the reader's ability to understand and memorise course concepts in this very content heavy subject.

Content included:
Chapter 7: Individual and group decision making
Chapter 1: The exceptional manager
Chapter 12: Groups and teams
Chapter 11: Motivating employees
Chapter 10: Managing individual differences and behaviours
Chapter 9: Human resource management
Chapter 13: Power, leadership and effective communication
Chapter 8: Organisational culture, structure and design
Chapter 6: Strategic management
Chapter 4: Global management


Semester 2, 2018

20 pages

7,388 words



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