IBUS1102 is a very interesting course. My notes
give students a chance to understand the content necessary in-depth for the Mid-Sem & Final Exam.

These notes will give you a high mark for the subject. I've included all the required readings and every concept that is covered in the course. My notes cover major topics such as the significance of culture in international management; the meaning and dimensions of culture; comparative international management styles; managing communication across cultures; global business ethics; cross-cultural negotiations; cross-cultural leadership and motivation; culture and consumer behaviour; and managing cross-cultural conflict. All key points are labelled in subheadings, which emphasises the key points discussed in the lecture!

IBUS1102 will give students a wider appreciation of management in international and multicultural business environments and how to manage those differences in the business world.

Good luck fellas!


Semester 1, 2019

10 pages

6,899 words



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