I used these notes in the class test to score 80%, and then in the exam to receive an overall mark of 85.

My notes cover the entire topic for Evidence LAW4323. They therefore cover the following topics:
- Preliminary introduction
- Relevance
- Competence and Compellability
- Privilege
- The Examination of Witnesses
- Character and Credibility
- The Accused's Right to Silence
- Tendency and Coincidence
- Hearsay and exceptions to hearsay
- Admissions
- Illegally Obtained Evidence
- Opinion Evidence

My notes begin by going through the above mentioned topics (pages 1-141). Pages 142-195 are then case summaries for most of the cases discussed.

My notes will also be incredibly useful as I have written excellent tendency/coincidence step by step summaries. As the law recently changed following Bauer, the previous semesters are unlikely to be recent and therefore unlikely to be correct.


Semester 1, 2019

195 pages

84,677 words



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