Semester 1, 2018

HD (83) Comprehensive Competition and Consumer Law Notes That Will Help Structure Your Exam

134 pages

49,878 words




These comprehensive notes cover the ENTIRE 2018 semester 1 Competition and Consumer law unit. They therefore contain the UP TO DATE laws (as of semester 1, 2018), especially for cartel conduct which changed just before my semester began and after the semester prior finished.

I only used these notes for the exam and it was incredibly easy to follow my step-by-step guide and finding the necessary issues. As you can see from the preview, the notes are colour coded which makes finding the authority behind your statement (legislation, cases, authors etc) easier while under stressful time constraints during the exam.

These notes have the following topics:
- Jurisdiction
- Markets, market power and competition
- Misuse of market power
- Anti-competitive arrangements/cartel conduct
- Exclusive dealing
- Resale price maintenance
- Penalties/remedies
- Policy

- Jurisdiction
- Manufacturers liability
- Product safety standards
- Unfair terms and unconscionable conduct
- Remedies
- Misleading or deceptive conduct
- Consumer guarantees
- Policy