Autumn session, 2019

HD Marketing Research - 24309 with BONUS TEXTBOOK NOTES

55 pages

17,609 words



These are well-condensed but detailed notes on each topic to help prepare for final exams and complement your study for Marketing Research at University of Technology Sydney.
The following notes contain diagrams and information to help clearly understand Marketing Research and includes notes from all lectures, tutorials and THE TEXTBOOK. Specifically, the following topics are covered:

1) Overview of Marketing Research
2)Research Questions and Data
3) Interviews and Focus Groups
4) Making Sense of Qualitative Data and Sampling
5) Surveys
6) Construct Measurement, Questionnaires and Supplements
7) Coding, Editing and Preparing Data and Preliminary Data Analysis, Preparing the Marketing Research Report and Its Presentation
8) Testing for Difference
9) Testing for Association
10) Testing for Interdependence
11) Observation and Its Variants and Experiments and Test Markets
12) Information Driven Technology and the Research Process

Goodluck and thank you for using those notes.

Note: The sample notes contain 10% of the complete notes.