- Comprehensive and concise set of notes for all lecture material covered in PHAR2823 (2014)
- Contains everything required for the final exam, organised neatly into 33 pages - no need to memorise hundreds of pages of lecture slides
- Written in point form, and includes equations and neat graphs, tables and diagrams to facilitate understanding and memory
- Lecture content has been summarised and re-worded for ease of understanding and to clarify confusing concepts in the lecture slides - all the work has been done for you!
- Enabled me to obtain a distinction for this subject

- Topics covered include: tablets, micromeritics, particle size and distribution, pharmaceutical solids, phase diagrams, suppositories, capsules, biomaterials and tissue engineering, powders for inhalation, solid protein formulations, product stability.


Semester 2, 2014

33 pages

13,460 words



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