- Comprehensive and concise set of notes for all lecture material covered in PHAR2811 (2014)
- Written in point form, and includes equations and neat graphs, tables and diagrams to facilitate understanding and memory
- Lecture content has been summarised and re-worded for ease of understanding and to clarify confusing concepts in the lecture slides - all the work has been done for you!
- Enabled me to obtain a distinction for this subject

- Topics covered include: proteins and amino acids (structure, function, ion channels, cell membranes, protein separation and characterisation, protein structure determination), enzymes and catalysis (enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibitors), drug targets (including amino acids, nucleotides), genetics (genome, eukaryotic replication and transcription and translation, transcriptome, epigenetics), energy metabolism (micronutrients, macronutrients, overweight and obesity), macromolecular drug targets, agonists and antagonists, drug-receptor interactions (G-protein linked receptors, enzyme-linked receptors), etc.

- Note: does not include the separate mathematics (statistics) portion of this subject


Semester 1, 2014

40 pages

16,700 words



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