I used these notes in the LDR and received a 87/HD overall. They are written in an exam format so they are super easy to apply to your exam. The topics covered are the following: 1. Introduction (judicial role and case management) 2. Jurisdiction 3. Multiple Parties/Joinder of Claims 4. Pre-trial discovery 5. Commencing Proceedings/Service/Appearance 6. Defining Issues in Dispute 7. Methods of Gathering Evidence 8. Settlement, disposition, and the trial 9. Costs 10. Overarching obligations 11. Extra facts/judgements of some cases 12. The law/procedure of Class Actions 13. Class Actions Policy Considerations Please note ADR and interlocutory applications are not included as these were not examinable for my semester.


Semester 2, 2018

134 pages

56,119 words



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