Very high quality and comprehensive CPEP notes.

Features include:
- statutory tests broken down into tables, with easy explanations and case examples
- 'method of approach' tables to break down steps in applying principles and tests to factual scenarios
- for rules of evidence, default position is clearly outlined, followed by exceptions
- relevant legislation extracted in text boxes
- important cases briefed in tables (outlining facts, issue, held)
- other cases described succinctly in discursive text
- key words bolded to allow for easy skimming in an exam
- important policy points and dissenting opinions included
- recent 2018 cases included
- ACLG style headings
- level 1 and level 2 headings included in page headers for ease of reference

Topics include:
- Principles and Process
- Adversarialism and Proof
- The Witness in the Box and Witness Questioning
- The Accused in Court
- Relevance
- Discretionary and Mandatory Exclusions
- Credibility and Character
- Hearsay
- Tendency and Coincidence
- Opinion Evidence
- Hearsay Evidence
- Identification Evidence
- Warnings and Directions


Semester 2, 2018

121 pages

20,298 words



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