Semester 1, 2018

HD - RCD Comprehensive Notes

204 pages

63,496 words




These notes are comprehensive and will be all you will need to do well in RCD. They include summarised case briefs of the main cases, with simplified facts and judgements - bringing out the important points in a clear way. Almost all legislation is included in grey text boxes (and in the rare occasions where it is not included, references are given to page numbers in the main textbook). Articles extracted in the textbook have been summarised, and there are a couple of flow charts and tables for complex concepts. Course content is presented in dot points and summarised clearly. Headings are AGLC style. A thorough table of contents makes navigating the notes easy.

Topics covered:

- Case Management
- Costs
- Security for Costs
- Funding Litigation
- Alternatives to Litigation
- Court-Annexed Mediation
- Arbitration
- Lawyers, Technology, and Dispute Resolution
- Online Dispute Resolution
- Law and Disadvantage
- Indigenous Dispute Resolution
- Enforceability of ADR Clause
- Settlement Negotiations Privilege
- Limitation Periods
- Freezing and Search Orders
- Client Legal Privilege
- Offers of Compromise and Calderbank Letters
- Pleadings
- Causes of Action and Parties
- Service
- Discovery
- Implied Undertaking
- Subpoenas
- Witness Preparation and Affadavits
- Representative Proceedings (Class Actions)
- Summary Disposal
- Appeal
- Enforcement and Execution of Judgement