Semester 1, 2018

HD Equity and Trusts Comprehensive Notes

95 pages

26,000 words




These notes are comprehensive and easy to understand. They include summarised case briefs of the main cases, with simplified facts to make the often difficult equity cases easy to understand. The notes include important words or concepts in bold, to make skim reading/scanning easy in an exam.

There is a detailed index for quick reference. Headings are AGLC style.

Topics include all those covered in the course:

- Introduction to equity
- Equitable property
- Fiduciary relationships
- Assignment
- Express trusts
- Trustees’ duties and powers
- Trustees’ rights, liabilities, and defences
- Priorities
- Tracing
- Personal liability of accessories/recipients
- Equitable remedies
- Resulting trusts
- Constructive trusts
- Bars to relief