Semester 2, 2018

BME3082 Exam Revision

28 pages

11,470 words



As the BME3082 end of semester exam consist of short-answer questions, these notes contain possible exam questions (and answers) that I used in preparation for the exam.

The questions are based on the learning objectives, whilst the answers are based on lecture notes and the recommended textbook.

Topics include:
- Maternal Adaptations to Pregnancy
- Fetal Blood Gases
- Placenta
- Fetal membranes and Fluids
- Fetal Kidney Development
- Fetal Brain Injury and Neuroprotection
- Lung Development
- Fetal Cardiovascular System
- HPA Axis and Maturation
- Fetal Surveillance
- Parturition and Labour
- Cardiovascular Adaptations
- Respiration Adaptation at Birth
- Lactation and Neonatal Growth
- Stem Cell Therapy
- Infection, Inflammation and Preterm Birth




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