Using multiple sources ranging from GAMSAT textbooks, study guides, VCE/IB textbooks, and my own knowledge base from undergraduate science - I have collated a definitive and simple note set for students wishing to get a grip on the range of knowledge the GAMSAT may draw upon.

The first part of two, this section will reintroduce many concepts to ease in students of little science background, but remains detailed enough so that other pre-med/science students are not left underwhelmed!

Here I will cover Math, Physics, and Inorganic Chemistry Topics, giving tips of what you should memorise, and what will be given in the exam, allowing for a student to pick and choose what they need to know best based on their own knowledge and skill level.

Each Section is laid out like a textbook, with helpful diagrams and charts to aid memorisation of more visually applied learning concepts.

- Numbers and Arithmetic (review section)
- Units and Measurement
- Algebra and Graph Analysis
- Geometry of 2D and 3D Shapes
- Trigonometry and Simple Trig Function Graphs
- Statistics and Probability

- Atomic Structure of Atoms - Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons
- Isotopes, Atomic Numbers, Atomic Weights
- Nuclear Forces and Reactions (Fission/Fusion)
- Radioactive Decay and Half-Life
- Types of Radiation
- Quantised Energy of Electrons - Emission Spectra and Fluorescence
- 1D/2D Translational (Plane) Motion
- Simple Forces, Motion, Gravity - Newton's Laws
- Projectile Motion, Centripetal Forces
- Incline Plane and Pulley Systems; Friction
- Complex Motion, Momentum, Impulse, Collisions
- Work, Energy, Potential Energy Forms and their Conservation; Power
- Fluid Dynamics: Density, Pressure, Buoyancy, Partial and Gauge Pressures
- Flowing Fluids: Bernoulli's Equation
- Fluid Viscosity
- Surface Tension
- Properties of Solids and Springs
- Wave Characteristics and Superposition, Resonance and Standing Waves
- Periodic Motion/Simple Harmonic Motion
- Sound Waves and Features, Doppler Effect and Sound Intensity
- Simple Electrostatics, Electric Field and Force
- Potential Energy, Potential, Dipoles
- Magnetic Induction, Current in Wires
- Electric Circuits: Current, Voltage, Resistance
- Series/Parallel Circuits - Kirchoff's Laws
- RMS Current and Voltage
- Visual Spectrum - Dual Nature of Light
- Concave and Convex Mirrors
- Reflection and Refraction

- Stoichiometry, Empirical/Molecular Formulas
- The Mole
- Determination of Empirical Formula Using % Mass
- Chemical Equations, Types of Reactions
- Oxidation Numbers
- Electrons: Orbitals, Shells, Orientations, Filling Order
- Electrons: Quantum Numbers - Pauli Exclusion Principle, Hund's Boxes, Aufbau principle
- Periodic Table Trends and Description
- Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloid, Noble Gases, Halides
- Ionic and Covalent Bonds
- Electro-negativity
- Electron Dot Diagrams (Lewis Structures)
- Valence Shell Electronic Pair Repulsion (VSEPR Models)
- Molecule Shapes and Bond Angles
- Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases; Gas Laws and Ideal Gas Law
- Partial Pressures of Gases, Behaviour of Real Gases
- Intramolecular and Intermolecular Forces
- Phase Changes and Phase Diagrams
- Solutions, Solubility, and Ions in Solutions
- Acid and Base Equilibria
- Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs
- pH Scale
- Weak Acids and Bases vs Strong Acids and Bases
- Buffers and Salts
- Acid Base Titration, Redox Titration
- Laws of Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer
- State and Path Functions
- Enthalpy (Heat), Entropy, Gibbs Free Energy
- Heat of Reaction and Hess' Law
- Enthalpies of Formation/Reaction
- Bond Energies
- Calorimetry
- Reaction Rates (0th, 1st, 2nd Order)
- Calculation of Reaction Rates Based on Experimental Data
- Differential and Integrated Rate Laws and Graphs
- Elementary and Rate Determining Steps
- Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions
- Role of Catalysts and Activation Energy
- Equilibrium Constants (K and Q)
- Le Chatalier's Principle
- Electrochemistry: Galvanic, Concentration, Electrolytic Cells
- Balancing Redox Equations
- Calculating Half-Reaction Potentials
- Faraday's Law and Electrolysis


Semester 2, 2018

105 pages

36,365 words



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