Semester 1, 2018

HD (89) Ultimate Civil and Criminal Procedure Exam Notes

91 pages

36,398 words




Concise and comprehensive notes that cover all topics from Civil and Criminal Procedure.

These notes include:
- all relevant legislation
- all cases including their facts and principles
- the notes are structured in a way to help you step through each problem question

The notes have been created using lecture/tutorial notes, the textbook, statutory and case law materials. They helped me achieve a final mark of 89 (HD) in CCP.

Criminal Procedure:
1. Police powers and discretion
2. Bail
3. Appeals
4. Pre-Trial Process, the Decision to Prosecute and mandatory Defence Disclosure
5. Sentencing and Punishment

Civil Procedure:
1. Process, Open Justice and Fairness, Adversarial System of Litigation
2. Alternative Dispute Resolution
3. Costs of Litigation
4. Security for Costs
5. Lawyer’s Ethical Obligations to the Process
6. Jurisdiction and Jurisdictional Cross-Vesting
7. Preservation Orders
8. Originating Process – Statement of Claim and Summons
9. Service
10. Appearance
11. Pleadings and Particulars
12. Gathering Evidence
13. Opposing Disclosure: Objection to production and privilege
14. Offers of Compromise
15. Concluding Proceedings
16. Appeals