Semester 2, 2018

Ultimate Criminal Law Exam Scaffolds

23 pages

7,462 words




Quick reference scaffolds that are ideal for open book problem question exams.

This guide contains a detailed step by step breakdown for each offence and defence.

ALSO AVAILABLE: This scaffold is useful alongside the more detailed Criminal Law Notes (available separately).

Topics include:
1. Crime Law and Morality
2. Scope and Principles of Criminal Law
3. Elements of Criminal Offences
4. Murder
5. Manslaughter
6. Assault Offences
7. Larceny
8. Complicity
9. Extreme Provocation
10. Self defence and Excessive self defence
11. Duress and necessity
12. Mental Illness and Substantial Impairment by Abnormality of the Mind
13. Automatism
14. Use of Evidence in Mental Illness or Self Induced Intoxication to negate intent