Semester 2, 2018

Ultimate Criminal Law Notes + Essay Scaffolds

152 pages

61,134 words




Concise and Comprehensive set of notes, covering everything you need to succeed in Criminal Law.

Notes Include:
- Refined Topic Notes structured by offences and defences
- Detailed case summaries including the facts, principles and reasoning
- Detailed information on the latest NSW law reforms
- Extensive Essay Scaffolds

ALSO AVAILABLE: Summarised Exam Scaffolds for Problem Questions

1. Murder
2. Manslaughter
3. Assault Offences
4. Larceny
5. Complicity
6. Extreme Provocation
7. Self defence and Excessive self defence
8. Duress and necessity
9. Mental Illness and Substantial Impairment by Abnormality of the Mind
10. Automatism
11. Use of Evidence in Mental Illness or Self Induced Intoxication to negate intent