Spring session, 2018

Digital Marketing and Social Media Reading Summaries - DISTINCTION LEVEL

8 pages

3,180 words




Summaries of the readings given to us throughout the semester for the subject – these helped me condense the information down and focus on the key takeaways of each reading and was especially helpful when studying for the final exam.

• A Thematic Exploration of Digital, Social Media and Mobile Marketing: Research Evolution from 2000 to 2015 and an Agenda for Future Inquiry
• Designing a Marketing Organisation for a Digital Age
• Win the Attention of Your Distracted Customer
• Online or In Store? Exploring the Shift in Shopping Behaviour
• Digital Marketing – A Practical Approach
• Does a Virtual Like Cause Actual Liking? How Following a Brand’s Facebook Updates Enhances Brand Evaluations and Purchase Intention
• Content Marketing – How to Measure Effectiveness
• Digital Marketing – A Framework, Review and Research Agenda
• Social Buy Buttons
• Effective Display Advertising – Improving Engagement with Suitable Creative Formats
• Biggest Cyber Security Issues in 2018
• Marketing with Twitter – Challenges and Opportunities