- 52 pages of in-depth notes taken in both lectures and tutorials throughout the course
- Includes lecture content, case studies, examples, diagrams from slides and information given about the assessments / final exam
- Colour-coded with definitions, case studies, references and exam requirements
- Easy to read, nicely formatted notes that helped me achieve a distinction in this subject

• Introduction and Overview of the Event Planning Process
• Event Initiation
• Event Initiation II
• Events as Projects
• Work Breakdown Structures
• Event Organisational Structures
• Event Finance and Budget
• Event Software Systems and Tools
• Human Resources and Volunteer Management
• Site / Venue Selection, Layout and Design
• Supplier Selection, Contracting and Management
• Traffic and Transport Planning
• Venue / Site Design
• Risk Management, Contingency Planning and WHS Compliance
• Event Delivery
• Event Shutdown
• Final Exam


Summer session, 2017

52 pages

19,673 words



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