Semester 2, 2018

Sample questions, textbook and lecture notes - MKTG1002 Marketing Research

54 pages

14,814 words




Comprehensive notes for all key MKTG1002 content. Includes summary of lecture, summary of all relevant textbook chapters, and 36 short answer sample questions.

Intro to marketing research
General - frameworks
Conceptual framework
Research ethics
Theoretical framework
Methodological framework
Quantitative and qualitative
Population, sampling and errors
Examples of methods (fieldwork, observation and interviews)
Surveys, questionnaires, attitude research
Analytical framework
Qualitative analysis
Quantitative analysis
36 sample short-answer questions

Organised logically, with each title indicating whether the content is before (1) or after (2) the mid-sem.

NOTE: Questions are not used in assessments. They were made up by myself.