Trimester 2, 2018

MM200 Notes

75 pages

27,902 words




These notes are a comprehensive summary of MM200 compiled from lectures, lecture notes, and textbook readings.

I received an HD in this unit with a mark of 85, so these are notes are very high quality. Given the extensive and vast workload of this unit, having a set of already summarised notes will be very beneficial.

Topics covered in these notes include:
Topic 1 - Contextualising Contemporary Management
Topic 2 - Why the History of Management Matters - a Critical Approach
Topic 3 - Understanding the Environment and How it Guides Strategy
Topic 4 - Decision Making and Planning
Topic 5 - Designing an Organisation that will Work Well
Topic 6 - Innovating Sustainable Practice
Topic 7 - How Do We Judge Good Practice in Management?
Topic 8 - Collaboration, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
Topic 9 - It's All About the People and How it Happens Day-to-Day
Topic 10 - Leading and Motivating Staff
Topic 11 - Leading and Managing Change.