Trimester 1, 2018

AFM101: Introduction to Financial Accounting Notes

58 pages

20,398 words




These notes are a comprehensive summary of AFM101 compiled from lectures, lecture notes, and textbook readings.

I received an HD in this unit with a mark of 97, so these notes are very high quality. They simplify complicated ideas, while explaining them succinctly. They will be beneficial to any student undertaking this unit.

Topic list:
Topic 1 - Accounting Equation
Topic 2 - Recording of Transactions
Topic 3 - Accounting Information Systems, Special Journals, Subsidiary Ledgers and Control Systems
Topic 4 - Adjusting the Accounts and Preparing Financial Statements
Topic 5 - Preparing Accounting Reports - Completing the Accounting Cycle
Topic 6 - Accounting for Merchandising - Retail Operations
Topic 7 - Accounting for Inventories
Topic 8 - Internal Control and Accounting for Cash
Topic 9 - Accounting for Receivables, Payables and Current Liabilities
Topic 10 - Accounting for Property, Plant and Equipment
Topic 11 - The Role of Accounting
Topic 12 - Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation