This document contains notes on all the videos that are given throughout the semester, including lecture slides notes and pictures, practically word-for-word summaries provided by the lecturer as well as other researched info required to provide a complete understanding of the topic. It is a very easy to follow and visual compilation of notes that follow the learning outcomes to ensure you excel at your pharmacology course. The following topics are covered: Week 1: Introduction 2 Week 2 Pharmacokinetics 7 Week 3: Drugs Acting on the ANS 21 Week 4: Cardiovascular Drugs Part 1 31 Week 5: Cardiovascular Drugs Part 2 48 Week 6: Endocrine System Drugs 57 Week 7 Drugs on Inflammation and Pain 72 Week 8: Respiratory Drugs 84 Week 9: Gut and Metabolism 92 Week 10: Chemotherapy 114 Week 11: Drugs for Affective Disorders 132 Week 12: Drugs for other CNS Disorders 144


Semester 1, 2018

154 pages

35,893 words



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