Semester 1, 2018

HUBS2203 Introduction to Pharmacology COMPLETE NOTES

154 pages

35,893 words




This document contains notes on all the videos that are given throughout the semester, including lecture slides notes and pictures, practically word-for-word summaries provided by the lecturer as well as other researched info required to provide a complete understanding of the topic.
It is a very easy to follow and visual compilation of notes that follow the learning outcomes to ensure you excel at your pharmacology course.

The following topics are covered:
Week 1: Introduction 2
Week 2 Pharmacokinetics 7
Week 3: Drugs Acting on the ANS 21
Week 4: Cardiovascular Drugs Part 1 31
Week 5: Cardiovascular Drugs Part 2 48
Week 6: Endocrine System Drugs 57
Week 7 Drugs on Inflammation and Pain 72
Week 8: Respiratory Drugs 84
Week 9: Gut and Metabolism 92
Week 10: Chemotherapy 114
Week 11: Drugs for Affective Disorders 132
Week 12: Drugs for other CNS Disorders 144