Semester 2, 2016

PHTY2040 Cardiopulmonay Physiotherapy I Complete Notes

118 pages

25,040 words




This document is a compilation of all 21 lectures that were delivered for CP Physio I. These notes contain all the information from the lecture slides including the learning objectives, pictures, as well as comments made by the tutors throughout and additional information researched. This will provide you with a complete understanding of the course content that will thoroughly prepare you for the final exams.

This document contains information for the following:
Introduction and Clinical Reasoning in CP Physio
Physiotherapy Ax in CP (Medical notes)
Physiotherapy Ax in CP (S/E)
Physiotherapy Ax in CP (O/E)
Physiotherapy Ax in CP (O/E)
Review of Background Respiratory Physiology
& CP Treatment: Pulmonary Ventilation
& CP Treatment: Secretion Clearance
CP treatment: WOB and other problems
Effects of hospitalisation and bed rest
Surgery: General Aspects
Surgery: General Aspects, UAS
& Surgery: Cardiothoracic
Restrictive Lung Disease
Respiratory Disease 1
Respiratory Disease 2 (COPD)