Semester 1, 2016

PHTY2020 MSK Physiotherapy I

73 pages

19,153 words




These notes contain all the info from the lecture slides + pictures + additional notes from online research and comments made by the lecturers to ensure complete understanding of the information.
Please note that in weeks 6&8 there were no lectures and I can confirm this document holds all the lectures given for the course.

Lectures include:
Physical examinations
Degenerative Joint Disease
Hip Region
The Ankle & Foot
Lower Limb Orthopaedics
The Knee
Outcome Measures
Elbow Region
Wrist and Hand Region
Lumbar Spine
Cervical Spine
Examination of spinal NS conduction
Spinal pain and headaches
Passive Joint Mobilisation: Treatment Principles
Intro to MSK imaging
Physio in the workplace
Spinal orthopaedics