Semester 1, 2018

Introduction to Management (MGF1010) Summary Notes

45 pages

15,909 words




Organised and colour coded notes for MGF1010. Include notes from online lectures, lecture readings, tutorial readings and class discussions.

Definitions are outlined in blue font. Examples are outlined in purple font.

Topic 1: Management in Context
Topic 2: Theories of Management
Topic 3: Managing in and beyond corporations
Topic 4: Management in Asia
Topic 5: Planning, Organising, Leading, Controlling (POLC)
Topic 6: Managing Information and Decision Making
Topic 7: Managing for Inclusion: Equality and Workplace Diversity
Topic 8: Emotional Intelligence
Topic 9: Critical Perspectives on Management and Organisations
Topic 10: The Changing Concept of Career
Topic 11: Employee Well-being
Topic 12: Employee Voice