Semester 1, 2018

BUSS2000 HD NOTES //tutor approved

29 pages

13,983 words




Covers all weeks/topics extremely comprehensively and concisely and summaries of ALL readings.

Since this course is taught mostly online, any information in the short videos is included and structured in a way that's easier to understand.

(everything tested on the exam is included and elaborated upon - particularly hard to understand topics). I've colour coded and have tried to link concepts across topics (when i can) for you.

Have fun studying!

Topics covered:
Week 1: Introduction to Theme 1 -Understanding yourself
Week 2: Individual differences: cognitive ability, personality, and emotional intelligence
Week 3: Motivation and goal-setting
Week 4: Career goals, values, and ethics
Week 5: Introduction to Theme 2 Understanding others
Week 6: Diversity and culture
Week 7: Team and group processes
Week 8: Managing perceptions and conflict
Week 9: Introduction to Theme 3 Leading and Influencing others
Week 10: Leadership, power and influence
Week 11: Communication and feedback
Week 12: Career sustainability: managing relationships and stress




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