Semester 1, 2018

IBUS2020 HD NOTES (Rank 1st in course)

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All topic, all weeks. Have elaborated on key points that are a little more confusing, but not overkill. I used these notes for the finals - you can probably just study off these (includes all lecture material + anything the lecturer said was important but skipped out on + key tutorial work that is tested)

Topics Covered:
W1: Introduction
W2: The Socialist Era)
W3: Economic Transition: strategy, process and achievements
W4: Population, Labor Markets, and Human Capital
W5: The Rural Economy
W6: Reform and Restructuring in the Corporate Sector
W7: Fiscal, Monetary, and Exchange Rate Policies
W8: Financial System
W9: International Trade and Foreign Investment
W10: Technology Policy and the Knowledge-based Economy
W11: Springboard Perspective and Linkage-Leverage-Learning Theory
W12: Strategic Asset Seeking Activities and Chinese Firms' Internationalization




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