Covers all weeks, all topics (includes examples from lectures/other sources and elaborates on difficult topics further). I used these for the exam and didn't need to go back to lectures once. To solidify knowledge however, I recommend doing all the text-book questions so you can apply. This is a subject that you can definitely do well in - just use the notes as a guide (it covers things thoroughly) and do text-book questions (tutorials are just a repeat of those word for word) Topics covered: W1: Introduction to Corporate Finance W2: A Modern Financial System W3: Financial mathematics W4: Financial mathematics contd. W5: Valuation of Bonds W6: Valuation of Bonds contd. W7: Capital Budgeting 1 W8: Capital budgeting 2 W9: Risk and Return W10: Portfolio Theory and CAPM Model W11: Risk and Cost of Capital W12: Asset Market Efficiency and Behavioural Finance W13: Business Ethics


Semester 1, 2018

38 pages

15,589 words



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