Semester 1, 2018

SWSP2211 End of Semester Exam - Summary Notes

31 pages

10,000 words



Note: These are handwritten notes.

Individual development and health care - biomedical, biopsychosocial and socioecological frameworks
Health inequality/equity/inequity
Structure: advantage and disadvantage
Rural population health
Structure vs agency
Social determinants of health
Ottawa charter
Structuralist-collectivist health promotion
Sociological imagination
Chronic disease
Childhood obesity
Mental illness
Interprofessional practice
Child health and development
Adolescents and young adults risk factors
Middle age and wellbeing - issues, health, midlife crisis, history
Indigenous health - remote, rural, urban
Ethnicity and health
Health and disability - individual models of disability, societal models of disability
Social determinants of health in disability
Mental health and illness - from deviance to recovery, mental health strategies, early intervention
Health of older people
Revision - the word social