Semester 1, 2018

PHYL2066 Midsemester Exam Practice Questions and Answers - Action potentials, neural communication

9 pages

4,000 words



Note: These are handwritten notes.

Questions and answers on the following topics:
Resting membrane potential
Graded potentials
Development of action potential
Absolute refractory period and relative refractory period
Chemical synaptic transmission
Inhibition and excitations - synapses
Temporal and spatial summation of graded potentials
Convergence and divergence in a neural circuit
Synaptic transmission interruption
Muscle structures and components and their role in muscle contraction
Somatic nervous system and neuromuscular junction
Sliding filament mechanism and power stroke
excitation-contraction coupling
contraction, power stroke and relaxation process (+ role of ATP)
Modulate the force of skeletal muscle contraction - twitch summation, motor unit recruitment and tetanus
Skeletal muscle fibres
Smooth and cardiac muscle (differences to skeletal muscle)
Cardiac action potential
sensory receptor types
neural coding for modality, intensity, timing and location of sensory input
receptors and sensation in the somatosensory system