Semester 1, 2018

OCTY2104 Midsemester Exam Study Notes

66 pages

10,000 words




Note: These are handwritten notes.

Becoming an OT to work with children and their families
Collaborative goal setting with children
Information gathering intervention with children and youth
The Four Quadrant Model of Facilitated Learning - 4QM
Application of 4QM
Occupational Therapy for children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD)
Cognitive orientation to (daily) occupational performance (CO-OP) + application of CO-OP
Occupational therapy for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder
Working with children and adolescents with sensory processing challenges
Application of sensory processing frame of reference
Occupational therapy for children with developmental delay
Collaborating with families to enable participation: occupational performance coaching
Collaborating with families and application of coaching
OT for children and youth with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Engaging and motivating children
OT for children and youth with learning disorder
Identifying techniques in action (motivation and engagement)