List of topics covered: -Recent examples of irresponsible business -Is responsible business important? -Moral philosophies -Corporate approaches to responsible business -Historical development of modern business enterprises -Capitalism and business -Ethics of consumption -Ethics of globalisation -Ethics and the environment -Ethics in the workplace These notes also cover all readings for COMM101 and includes the content from every week. These notes allowed me to easily achieve a high distinction Assignment mark and a high distinction on the final exam. My overall result for this subject was 92. These notes are of high distinction quality and are tailored individually to address each topic differently. Each topic is covered in depth, with more details on concepts which are generally considered to be more challenging, such as ethical theories. These notes have also been created with the final exam structure in mind, and hence have facts that often arise in multiple choice questions as well as key points you can implement into short essays. These notes are up to date, and include information that other notes that are 2-3 years old often leave out. As these notes are recent, they also have more relevant and new examples that are commonly tested in exams and assignments, e.g. case studies on specific business issues. They have been designed to make complex issues easy to understand, and hence include definitions and concepts explained with simple words rather than complicated terms that would only confuse most students. Due to the in depth nature of these notes, they can be used as a substitute for the textbook and hence save you both money from purchasing it and time that would otherwise be spent turning through pages that are often irrelevant. The way these notes are set out are as follows: -At the start of each week there are a number of objectives set out, derived from the textbook, the subject outline and the lectures. -The notes for that week are a combination of the key points from the lecture, the textbook, tutorial discussions and some extra research on the more complex areas of study (e.g. normative theories). Subheadings from the textbook and lectures are often used to structure the notes for that week to simplify concepts. -There are also a few exam tips spread throughout the notes that are designed to help you deal with structuring responses to exam questions.


Semester 1, 2018

93 pages

25,300 words



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