Semester 1, 2018

VERY HIGH CREDIT - Fresh Produce Management

16 pages

8,538 words



Lecture notes + lecturer commentary + some pracs.

Final Exam Notes
- Succinct notes containing actual materials to write under timed exam conditions
- Topics current as at Semester 1, 2017.
ALL unit topics are covered. They include Australian Food Industry, Quality of fresh produce, Analysis of food for safety and quality, Biochemistry and physiology of fruits and vegetables, Postharvest physiology and biochemistry of fruit and vegetables (factors affecting quality), Milk and dairy quality, Milk spoilage, safety and management. Egg production, safety and quality, Biochemistry of meat and animal products, Biochemistry of meat and seafood, Postharvest spoilage of meat and seafood products, nutritional quality, Postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables, POst=harvest treatments for fresh produce, food allergies and anaphylaxis, food intolerance, food safety, global issues and food supply, chemical and natural toxins, food safety systems and regulation of food.