Semester 1, 2017

MKC2110 Textbook/Lecture/Revision Notes

48 pages

13,702 words




The most in-depth notes I've ever made!
I have typed out a summary of every chapter of relevance from the textbook.
I attended the revision lecture and wrote out every single dot point she mentioned, and then further expanded on it in my own time.
And of course, I have weekly notes based on readings, tutorials and the lecture.

Topics covered in my notes include:
- Understanding Consumer Behaviour
- Motivation, Ability And Opportunity (MAO)
- Exposure, Attention, Perception And Comprehension
- Memory and Knowledge
- Attitudes: High Vs. Low Effort
- Problem Recognition & Information Search
- Judgement & Decision Makin: Low vs. High Effort
- Post-Decision Making Process
- Social, Social class, and Household Influences
- Diversity and Psychographics
- Contemporary Issues in Consumer Behaviour