Semester 2, 2016

Enterprise Law - EXAM NOTES

54 pages

22,819 words




- All exam modules covered including 'special topics'
-Allowed to bring into exam
-All summarised and can be used during the semester
- Great for exam and online MC quiz
- Facilitator for PASS

Topics Covered:
Module 2: Starting and running a business 1 - Business Structures
Special Topic: Partnership from Lawyer's perspective
Module 3: Starting and running a business 2 - Ideas, Brands and Operations
Module 6: Making Deals: Creation of Contracts
Module 7: When deals go wrong: Interpretation and Enforcement of Contracts
Module 8: Employees and Employers
Module 9: Advertising and Sales: Consumer Law 1
Module 10: Faulty and Dangerous Products: Refunds and other remedies




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